FMS 2020 Best of Show Awards

Congratulations to the 2020 FMS Best of Show Award Winners!


The Flash Memory Summit Best of Show Awards showcase industry recognition of company and organization products and services. In 2020, FMS expanded the awards program to include recognition of the use of a variety of memory technologies in addition to flash memory.

BOS Awards

Most Innovative Flash Memory Customer Implementation - recognizes real-world solutions that demonstrate compelling customer value with market-differentiating benefits such as enhanced ROI, quality of service, business continuity, security, data protection and/or virtualization.

Award Winner: Pavilion Data

Most Innovative Flash Memory Startup - recognizes the most creative and ambitious startup companies blazing a trail of innovation in the storage industry.

Award Winner: NEO Semiconductor

Award Winner: FADU Technology

Most Innovative Flash Memory Consumer Application - recognizes solutions for devices such as smartphones, music/video players, digital cameras, gaming systems, navigational systems, tablets, mobile computing solutions and/or other consumer hardware and software solutions.

Award Winners: Enmotus

Award Winners: Western Digital

Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application - recognizes a wide range of market segments, vertical market sectors and customer environments demanding high performance and scale such as AI, machine learning, in-memory databases and other big data applications.

Award Winner: Pliops

Most Innovative Hyperscaler Implementation - this new category awards innovation that includes flash memory or other forms of non-volatile memory solutions for integration and use in hyperscale IT environments.

Award Winner: Fungible

Most Innovative AI Application - this new category recognizes how a product or service that includes flash memory or other forms of non-volatile memory is being used to solve a specific AI problem including things like machine learning, cognitive computing, big data, IoT, container and virtualized customer environments.

Award Winner: NVIDIA

Award Winner: IBM

Award Winner: Ambiq

Award Winner: WekaIO

Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology - addressing innovations that will change the way flash memory is used in products and raise the bar to new levels of performance, availability, endurance, scalability and/or energy efficiencies.

Award Winner: Intel

Award Winner: Marvell and HPE

Award Winner: Pure Storage

Award Winner: VAST Data

Award Winner: KIOXIA

Award Winner: NVM Express®

Award Winner: SNIA® Object Drive Technical Work Group (TWG)

“We had a record year with the largest number of submissions ever for our Best of Show Awards,” said Jay Kramer, FMS Awards Program Chair, and President of Network Storage Advisors, Inc. “We were absolutely thrilled to see so much innovation with these best-in-class product solutions leveraging flash memory and solid state storage, and these will drive the next generation of data centers and cloud infrastructure”

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